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Drive Safe with Rodenstock Road

Driving at dusk with the glare of oncoming headlights poses are real challenge for many people. Busier roads and the new style LED and Xenon headlights adding to this problem.

Your eyes must process a huge amount of information whilst driving you’re your reaction time is dependent on vision. When your ability to see clearly is reduced by these factors reaction times are slower, making driving feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

Rodenstock Road 2 lenses have been designed to improve field of vision when driving during the day and at night.  Road 2 lenses have special filter to reduced glare and unwanted reflections, particularly from oncoming LED and Xenon headlights.

Road 2 offers you improved comfort and confidence in your driving vision, even in poor light and bad weather.

The good news is that Road 2 lenses perform well outside of the car offering clear and unrestricted field of vision for everyday use!

Available at Sparks & Feros in single vision lenses and multifocal lens designs. Ask us to see if Rodenstock Road 2 lenses are best for you.


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