There is a spectacle alternative available for parents and children who do not wish to use Ortho-K to control myopia progression.

These glasses feature specially designed spectacle lenses that can slow down the progression of myopia by an average of 30% compared to traditional spectacle lenses.

Myo-vision lenses work on a similar principle to that for Ortho-k. They provide sharp vision in the centre of the lens and blurs the periphery this helps control the advancement of myopia. The type of spectacle correction are to be worn throughout the day and for all visual activities – both reading and distance vision.


Who is a Suitable for Myopia Control Glasses?

These glasses are suitable for children who have:

  • Myopia of up to -8.00 D
  • Astigmatism of up to 2.00 D
  • Does not want to use Ortho-k contact lenses


Getting Used to Myopia Control Specs

As with all lenses worn for the first time, children may require time to adapt to their new lenses. It is important to note that the child may experience slightly blurred vision when turning their eyes away from the centre of the lens. This is easily overcome by turning their head in the direction of gaze. However, with explanation on using the lenses, children adjust quickly and easily to these glasses.


Fitting & Delivery Procedure

An appointment has to be made for a comprehensive eye examination to determine the prescription and to check the health of the eye. The child can then choose the frame that he or she wants and after ensuring the fit is right, we order the lenses. When the lenses return they are then fitting to the frame at our onsite laboratory. At the time of delivery glasses are checked on the child for correct and comfortable fitting an explanation of how to best use the spectacles given to both the child and the parents.

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