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Soltes Wide – The Eye Fatigue Solution

ATTENTION COMPUTER USERS – We have a solution to make work easier!

If you suffer from a sore neck, tight shoulders or back pain after prolonged computer use it may be that you are wearing the wrong type of prescription glasses.

Working with computers has become a part of modern day life. However many patients find that viewing a screen for extended period can cause posture problems and eyestrain.

Computer screens are usually placed 60 to 80 centimetres from our eyes. Traditional “Near” or “Distance” glasses fail to correct this middle range adequate.

To solve this problem Nikon developed a spectacle lens that gives you both “Near” and “Middle” vision in one pair of glasses.

The Nikon Soltes Wide extends clear reading focus from 40cm to 10 metres from your eyes!

Web Lens allows an effortless transition of vision from close to middle range.

Soltes Wide – Eye fatigue Solution

Effortless transition from Near to Mid range