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Transitions Polarised

Experience clear vision in any light with Transitions Polarised lenses.

These innovative lenses are designed to provide superior visual clarity and protection in any light conditions, making them the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors.

Transitions Polarised lenses are equipped with advanced photochromic technology that enables the lenses to automatically adjust to changing light conditions. In bright sunlight, the lenses darken to provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays, while in low light conditions, they remain clear for optimal vision. This feature eliminates the need to switch between different pairs of glasses, providing convenience and comfort for your everyday activities.

Benefits of Transitions XTRActive Polarised
  • Clear with a hint of tint indoors
  • Blocks 100% UVA & UVB rays
  • Filters blue-violet light Indoors and outdoors
  • Up to 90% Polarisation efficiency
  • Activates in the car

Discover Transitions XTRActive Polarised

Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized™ combines the benefits of light intelligent lenses and dynamic polarisation, providing your eyes with extra protection in any light situation while delivering sharper vision, vivid colours and a larger view outdoors.