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Myopia: The Different Stages of your Child's Vision

People are not usually born myopic, they become myopic! Most children are born with eyes that are too short and their vision may be blurred. As the child's body develops, the eyes also lengthen and this natural development allows for clear vision. However, sometimes the elongation does not stop and the eyes become too long. This usually happens around the age of 6 or 7 – a condition known as infantile myopia. For others, myopia can start around puberty or more rarely, in the late teens or even twenties. Whatever the age of myopia onset, the underlying issue of having an eye that’s too long is the increased risk of ocular pathologies later in life.

Find out the different stages of development of your child’s sight, from pre-natal to adolescence.

Our advice: The earlier myopia is detected, the sooner it can be corrected and controlled. And limiting the progression of a child’s myopia means limiting the possible complications and visual pathologies that might develop later in life.

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