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Back-To-School Promo For Parents!

Did you know that 80% of all learning occurs through vision?

That’s why your children’s eyesight is precious, and we encourage you to book an eye test before the start of the school year. Our team provides you and your family the advice you need, in an environment where any questions you may have will be addressed.

Swing by our store in Carlingford Court to discover a range of lenses in line with children’s needs and eyewear that combines both functionality and style.

With each order of Stellest® Myopia Control lenses for your child, you will receive a voucher for Free Crizal® multicoat to be used on their glasses (combined - total value $175 RRP)!

For the redemption of the second pair, the parent or carer must return the voucher to us to redeem offer. The promo code BTSCRIZAL must be entered with the parent/care order.

A great school year starts with the right glasses. 

We at Sparks and Feros Optometrists offer top-quality eyecare for your children!

For more information, you may call us on 9872 1555.