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Blue Light Control


The ever increasing use of digital devices combined combined with LED indoor light sources has greatly increased the level of blue light radiation reaching our eyes.

Current research indicates that blue light can cause retinal cell death. Blue light has also been associated with interfering with healthy sleeping patterns and eye strain.

TruBlue Vision has developed eyewear that effectively blocks harmful blue light from reaching your eyes. Our lenses offer clear comfortable vision while keeping your eyes healthy into the future.


Blue light is part of visible light spectrum (radiation we can see) and is a form of High Energy Visible Light.  Blue is also part of the natural light in sunlight. The sun is actually biggest source of blue light.  Many times stronger than blue light coming from screens and indoor lighting.




Blue light not all bad, the longer wavelengths – blue turquoise light can be very beneficial to us to our health and helps regulate your sleep cycle. Beneficial blue light has been shown to promote higher levels of concentration and focus. So it is important your lenses can filter out the harmful blue light while allowing some of the beneficial Blue-Turquoise light through.


TruBlue lenses have embedded protection in the lens material and a no-glare coating that can also deflect certain wavelengths of blue light. This lens absorbs 98% of harmful blue-violet light from 415nm-455nm while allowing most of the beneficial blue-turquoise light to pass through the lens. They are virtually clear and look like regular lenses.

TruBlue lenses block harmful blue light and allow beneficial (daytime) blue light through.

TruBlue lenses control the level of exposure to blue light.

Wearer benefits include:

  • Less Eye Strain
  • Healthier Eyes
  • Clearer Vision