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Good Blue Light

Blue-Turquoise Light is beneficial to our sleep/wake cycles

Not all blue light causes retinal damage. In fact, Blue-turquoise light from
455nm-495nm is very beneficial to our sleep/wake cycles and hormone
balance.  So we need to keep those good wavelengths during the day
while blocking out the bad blue light!

The sun provides loads of this longer wavelength blue light (blue-
turquoise) having always helped synchronise our biological clock and
preserve health functions. This light acts to wake us up – it stimulates
alertness and concentration.   

Clear everyday lenses that allow the transmission of beneficial blue light (blue-turquoise) while filtering harmful blue light and UV, can help protect against long term damage of the eye without upsetting our sleep/wake cycles.  See Figure A

Screen use at Night

When the sun goes down Blue-turquoise light would normally disappear
triggering a more restful state of mind leading to sleep. However, with
today’s high use of digital devices 24/7 plus background LED lighting –
the high levels of Blue-Turquoise can actually interfere with you getting a
good night’s sleep. 

True Blue lenses are made to filter 99% of harmful blue and some but
not all of the blue turquoise light. TruBlue eyewear is designed to help
you sleep after you shut down your screen.