Introducing EZ-Fit - Robot Spectacle Maker - Sparks & Feros Optometrists

Introducing EZ-Fit - Robot Spectacle Maker

Rise of the Machines

Robots have long been used for a range of medical and industrial applications. They can now be found at our “in house” optical laboratory- making up your next pair of glasses.

Sparks & Feros is now home to the world’s most advanced compact spectacle lens fitting system!

We are delighted to announce the installation of EZ-Fit which is the first machine of its kind in Australia!

EZ-fit independently analyses your lenses and frames making constant adjustments during the shaping process to ensure your lenses fit perfectly. Its high speed milling function can form lenses to any shape - EZ-Fit can custom polish, drill or even facet lenses to suit your individual requirements- delivering uniquely customised eyewear that looks great!

Patient Benefits offered by EZ-Fit include:-

  • Clearer and more comfortable vision
  • Better appearance to your eyewear
  • Longer frame life
  • Faster turnaround- you get your new glasses sooner!

The Future is Clear

The EZ-Fit robotic system still relies on expert human touch and direction, it is however the EZ-Fit’s intelligent monitoring and feedback capability that raises the bar in delivering the highest quality prescription glasses to our patients.

 EZ-Fit is now ready to make your best pair of glasses yet!