Open for Essential Eye Care - Patient Notification for COVID-19 - Sparks & Feros Optometrists

Open for Essential Eye Care - Patient Notification for COVID-19

Open for Essential Eye Care

During this difficult time we will be open to help for urgent eye care needs. Although our store is closed for general business, our eye care professionals are still working to protect your eyesight – please see our special opening hours below.

What is Urgent/ Essential Eye Care?

Urgent attention is required if you’re experiencing a vision problem that may include any one of the following conditions:

  • Sudden change in vision
  • Loss of spectacles or Contact Lenses
  • Recent onset of eye pain or injuries
  • Seeing double or experiencing vision loss.
  • Noticed an increase of floaters or flashes in your vision.
  • Requiring a renewed prescription for eye drops medication.
  • Requiring urgent replacement of lost or broken glasses.

Please contact us on Tel: 9872 1555 or email us at  if you require urgent eye needs, or if you have questions about your eye health.

We have setup reduced hours, please contact us prior to visiting our practice

Strict protocols for infection control are followed closing in our store.

This includes social distancing and regular surface disinfection.

If you have any questions please call us on 02 9872 1555