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Prevent Vision Loss – Your Sight Matters

A 30 minute eye exam could save your sight

Most Australians rate loss of sight as their number one health concern, and nearly two thirds of the population are more fearful of going blind than losing a limb or having a heart attack. Yet, more than 4 million Australians have not had a recent eye check and more than one million have never had an eye exam.

Sparks & Feros 2017 “Prevent Vision Loss” campaign is about increasing public awareness of the risks of not having regular eye exams and as a reminder that it might be time to schedule an appointment today! We recommend an eye- check at east every 2 years.

Most people will only visit the optometrist when they notice a change in their vision or suffer some form of eye irritation. However, many serious conditions have no early symptoms. Often, vision loss is only apparent in the latter stages of the disease when significant damage has already occurred.


Early detection

The key to maintaining your eye health is early detection, this is important to the successful treatment of many vision threatening eye problems.

Our “Prevent Vision Loss” campaign encourages people to schedule an eye examination today, the test which usually takes around 30mins may well save your vision in the future. Sparks & Feros Optometrists have the skill and the latest diagnostic tests to complete your 360 degree comprehensive eye consultation.

Having your eyes checked in this way best safeguards against vision loss as early detection is vital to the effective treatment of eye disease.


The 360 degree eye examination includes a thorough check of your vision and health of your eyes as well recommendations on the best recommendations for eyewear or contact lenses that best suit your lifestyle and give you optimal vision. Sparks & Feros have been looking after the vision needs of residents in Carlingford and surrounding areas since 1984. Our professional and experienced team are there to ensure you have the very best eye care possible.

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