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Broke Your Glasses / Run Out of Contact Lenses?

You may not be able to venture to our store but still may need supplies like contact lenses, eye drops, replacement eyewear etc.

We’re operating limited hours but we still can help! - Please call us on 9872 1555, or SMS us on 0449123667, or email and one of our team will assist with your requirements.

We are offering Discounts on most items as well as Free Post to your door.

How To Reorder Glasses, Sunglasses or Eye Care Products

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How To Reorder Contact Lenses

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Our practice is following government hygiene guidelines closely including social distancing.

We aim to support our patients through this phase while keeping them as safe as possible.

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Open for Essential Eye Care - Patient Notification for COVID-19

Open for Essential Eye Care

During this difficult time we will be open to help for urgent eye care needs. Although our store is closed for general business, our eye care professionals are still working to protect your eyesight – please see our special opening hours below.

What is Urgent/ Essential Eye Care?

Urgent attention is required if you’re experiencing a vision problem that may include any one of the following conditions:

  • Sudden change in vision
  • Loss of spectacles or Contact Lenses
  • Recent onset of eye pain or injuries
  • Seeing double or experiencing vision loss.
  • Noticed an increase of floaters or flashes in your vision.
  • Requiring a renewed prescription for eye drops medication.
  • Requiring urgent replacement of lost or broken glasses.

Please contact us on Tel: 9872 1555 or email us at  if you require urgent eye needs, or if you have questions about your eye health.

We have setup reduced hours, please contact us prior to visiting our practice

Strict protocols for infection control are followed closing in our store.

This includes social distancing and regular surface disinfection.

If you have any questions please call us on 02 9872 1555

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Transitions Style Colors: Pick your color, choose your style

Transitions Signature lenses are now available at Sparks & Feros in a choice of 4 vibrant new style colors for you to personalize any frame and express your style.

Featuring exclusive Chromea7 technology, this is Transitions' fastest and most responsive lens in all lighting and temperature conditions. Transitions®️ Signature®️ lens are extra fast to fade from dark outside to clear indoors.

Available in 3 iconic colors and an additional 4 Style Colors


Find your perfect colour at Sparks & Feros

Give us a call on 9872 1555 or book an appointment online here.

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Introducing EZ-Fit - Robot Spectacle Maker

Rise of the Machines

Robots have long been used for a range of medical and industrial applications. They can now be found at our “in house” optical laboratory- making up your next pair of glasses.

Sparks & Feros is now home to the world’s most advanced compact spectacle lens fitting system!

We are delighted to announce the installation of EZ-Fit which is the first machine of its kind in Australia!

EZ-fit independently analyses your lenses and frames making constant adjustments during the shaping process to ensure your lenses fit perfectly. Its high speed milling function can form lenses to any shape - EZ-Fit can custom polish, drill or even facet lenses to suit your individual requirements- delivering uniquely customised eyewear that looks great!

Patient Benefits offered by EZ-Fit include:-

  • Clearer and more comfortable vision
  • Better appearance to your eyewear
  • Longer frame life
  • Faster turnaround- you get your new glasses sooner!

The Future is Clear

The EZ-Fit robotic system still relies on expert human touch and direction, it is however the EZ-Fit’s intelligent monitoring and feedback capability that raises the bar in delivering the highest quality prescription glasses to our patients.

 EZ-Fit is now ready to make your best pair of glasses yet!

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Be Sun Smart this winter – protect your eyes!

Australia is subject to some of the highest levels of UV.

The world “Sunburn Map” shows much of our continent lies within extreme UV zones. Even in winter our UV levels can remain high.

Higher levels of UV affect our skin but can also cause serious eye problems such as Pterygiums, Cataracts and even penetrate to the back of the eye damaging your retina.

We highly recommend protecting your eyes this winter with a pair of quality sunglasses.

Want to check out the latest sunglasses options? Contact us on 02 9872 1555 or click here to book your eye test now.

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Bolon Eyewear

Express Your Personality with Bolon Eyewear
Now available at Sparks & Feros Optometrist

Book an Appointment Now

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What are floaters and flashing lights?

Floaters are dark specks in the form of dots, circles, lines or cobwebs that appear to move across the field of vision. They are particularly noticeable when one is looking at a light-coloured background such as a clear sky or a white wall. Floaters come in many sizes and numbers, and they appear to move when the eye looks in different directions.


The inside of the eye is filled with a clear, gel-like substance called the vitreous. The retina is a thin, light-sensitive tissue that covers the inside back portion of the eye and works like the film in a camera. Floaters are small clumps of gel that form in the vitreous. Although they appear to be in front of the eye, they are actually floating in the vitreous and are seen as shadows by the retina.

The appearance of floaters may cause concern, especially if they develop suddenly. However, they are usually of little importance. The vitreous pushs up against the retina like air pushs on the wall of a balloon. As we get into our fifties and up the vitreous shrinks and often separates from the retina. By the age of 50 years the vitreous has separated from the retina in about 50% of all people. As the vitreous detaches, it causes floaters. At first the floaters may be quite annoying, but the brain gradually learns to ignore them, and after several months they are hardly noticed. 

If you get flashes that are followed by a shower of dots that do not move or go away you shoud see your optometrist that same day.


Floaters may sometimes interfere with clear vision, often when one is reading. If a floater appears directly in your line of vision, move your eye around; this will cause the vitreous to swirl around and will move the floater out of your way. Looking up and down rather than back and forth will cause different currents inside the eye and may be more effective in getting the floater out of the way.


Flashing lights are the sensation of lights going on and off, noticed particularly off to one side. They tend to occur in only one eye at a time and persist even when the eye is closed.


The vitreous, a clear gel-like substance that fills the inside of the eye, sometimes pulls or tugs on the retina. This pulling causes the appearance of flashing lights or lightning streaks, though there is no flashing light actually present. This same sensation sometimes occurs when one is hit in the eye and sees "stars".

This commonly happens as people grow older and usually is not cause for alarm.

Flashes of light that appear as jagged lines, last 10 to 50 minutes and are present in both eyes are likely migraine caused by a spasm of blood vessels in the brain. Sometimes this occurs only in one eye.  If a headache follows, it is called a migraine headache. If there is no subsequent headache, the light flashes are referred to as ophthalmic migraine, or migraine without headache. If your symptoms fully resolve in 1 hour than it is likely not a retinal problem.


Most of the time the vitreous separates from the retina without causing any problems. Occasionally, flashing lights are associated with many new floaters and even a blacking out of part of the field of vision. If this occurs, immediate examination by an eye doctor is important to determine whether a retinal tear or retinal detachment has developed. Retinal tears require treatment to prevent the retina from detaching. Retinal detachment is a serious problem that must be repaired surgically.

In summary, floaters and flashing lights usually do not indicate any serious eye problem. If a large number develop or if they seem to be much worse over a period of time, an examination by an eye doctor is recommended. The examination involves careful observation of the retina and vitreous.

When in doubt check it out!

Book an appointment

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360º Comprehensive Eye Test

360º Comprehensive Eye Test

More than meets the eye!

A 360º comprehensive eye exam not only checks your vision but involves a thorough examination of your eyes’ health. Sparks & Feros Optometrists take the time to make sure that your glasses or contact lenses accurately prescribed. We also work to ensure that any eye conditions requiring treatment are referred in timely and efficient manner.

Our aim is to help you enjoy a lifetime of healthy eyesight and comfortable vision.

See Better.  See Us.

A 360º comprehensive eye consultation covers all the below points. Click here for a detailed brochure

Understanding You


Eye Health

We examine the internal and external health of your eyes at length through a series of procedures using the latest technology, checking for signs of eye disease, UV damage and other general health conditions including diabetes.

Eye Focusing

The sharpness of your vision will be tested at multiple distances to identify your need for, or any changes in eyewear to correct problems such as blurry vision. This is then translated into your eyewear or contact lens prescription.

Eye Coordination

We assess how well your eyes work together as a team. Misalignment can be cause double vision, fatigue and headaches as well as problems with learning.

Eye Protection

We discuss your workplace and leisure eye safety needs, including quality UV and glare protection to determine eyewear or contacts that best suit your lifestyle.

Advice on Lenses

Not all spectacle lenses are created equal. Our optometrists recommend the latest lens technology to give you best vision possible. Whilst we love frames, we believe that the lenses you see through are vitally important, accordingly we will discuss the best spectacle lens design that best suits your work, sporting activities and hobbies.


Contact Lenses

We will provide preliminary advice on your suitability for contact lenses now or in the future as part of a flexible eyewear solution.

Health & Lifestyle

Understanding the impact of diet and lifestyle on your eye health and vision is vital to maintaining lifelong vision and we will provide the appropriate advice for you.

Eye Medications

Where required, we can arrange for medication to treat eye conditions or refer you for more specialised medical treatment. We have therapeutically qualified optometrists that can prescribe certain eye care medication if needed.

Total Solution & Eyecare Plan

Our 360 degree eye examination includes a thorough check of your vision and the health of your eyes. This test enables us to determine the type of eyewear or contact lenses that will optimise vision and best suit your lifestyle. Sparks & Feros have been looking after the vision needs of their patients since 1984.

Our professional and experienced team are there to ensure you have the very best eye care possible.

To make an appointment call us on 02 9872 1555 or book online here.


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Prevent Vision Loss – Your Sight Matters

A 30 minute eye exam could save your sight

Most Australians rate loss of sight as their number one health concern, and nearly two thirds of the population are more fearful of going blind than losing a limb or having a heart attack. Yet, more than 4 million Australians have not had a recent eye check and more than one million have never had an eye exam.

Sparks & Feros 2017 “Prevent Vision Loss” campaign is about increasing public awareness of the risks of not having regular eye exams and as a reminder that it might be time to schedule an appointment today! We recommend an eye- check at east every 2 years.

Most people will only visit the optometrist when they notice a change in their vision or suffer some form of eye irritation. However, many serious conditions have no early symptoms. Often, vision loss is only apparent in the latter stages of the disease when significant damage has already occurred.


Early detection

The key to maintaining your eye health is early detection, this is important to the successful treatment of many vision threatening eye problems.

Our “Prevent Vision Loss” campaign encourages people to schedule an eye examination today, the test which usually takes around 30mins may well save your vision in the future. Sparks & Feros Optometrists have the skill and the latest diagnostic tests to complete your 360 degree comprehensive eye consultation.

Having your eyes checked in this way best safeguards against vision loss as early detection is vital to the effective treatment of eye disease.


The 360 degree eye examination includes a thorough check of your vision and health of your eyes as well recommendations on the best recommendations for eyewear or contact lenses that best suit your lifestyle and give you optimal vision. Sparks & Feros have been looking after the vision needs of residents in Carlingford and surrounding areas since 1984. Our professional and experienced team are there to ensure you have the very best eye care possible.

To make an appointment call us on 02 9872 1555 or book online here.

Information sourced from: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW); Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2011–12 National Health Survey (NHS); Line of Sight blueprint by Optometry Australia; Vision Australia;;

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Eye Scan for Dry Eye

Corneal Topography

You can now have a scan of the surface of your eye to provide accurate assessment for dry eye.

The Corneal Topographer creates a computer generated image of the surface of your eye checking for conditions that may affect your vision.

Early detection and treatment can help you save protect your eye sight, even if you aren’t experiencing any vision problems.

This test is safe, painless and easy to complete.

To make an appointment call us on 02 9872 1555 or book online here.

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